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fairies in a jar

How to Make Fairies in a Jar

Your kid is crazy about Tinkerbell. Now, she can capture the tiny little fairy in a fun (and super easy!) project that you can do with your child. With just a glow stick, some glitter, and a jar, your child…

Susan Povich

Moms We Love: Susan Povich of Red Hook Lobster Pound

Susan Povich is serving up smiles—and delicious food. As the creator of the uber popular Red Hook Lobster Pound, a lobster food truck in Brooklyn, Susan has created cravings throughout the tri-state area for fine lobster rolls. We spoke to…


Moms We Love: Tamar Rosenthal & Dana Rubenstein of Dapple

What does clean look like? What should clean actually smell like? These are the questions that every new parent asks after bringing Baby home from the hospital. Friends Tamar Rosenthal and Dana Rubenstein asked themselves the same question—and wound up…

how not to calm a child on a plane

How Not to Calm A Child on a Plane

As anyone with children will tell you (usually ad nauseum), parenting is no walk in the park. From reliving the traumatic discovery that your parents did, in fact, have sex to accidentally exposing your six-month-old daughter to Reservoir Dogs while…

Tom and Lorenzo

Celebrity Interview: Tom & Lorenzo

Tom and Lorenzo are the witty, fabulous, snarky gay besties that every girl wishes she had. As two of the biggest bloggers in the blogosphere, TLo has managed to amass millions of followers from their days penning hilarious posts about…

step by step

Just Jennifer: Step By Step

It was only a few days into the summer vacation—when summer camp hasn’t started yet, and the kids are starting to tease each other enough that you already start fantasizing about back to school—that we found ourselves at the mall….

Haviland Morris

Celebrity Parents Magazine: Haviland Morris Issue

Haviland Morris  is an American film, television, and Broadway actress, who currently works in real estate. Morris was born in New Jersey and spent much of her childhood in Hong Kong. Her father worked in the electronics industry. Morris graduated…