Behind the Scenes with Meredith LeVande

Meredith LeVande Jennifer Parris

Our cover shoot with Meredith LeVande was very much like the children’s singer herself: sweet, bubbly, and fun. I was honored when Meredith chose to disclose some personal family struggles she’s faced growing up in the hopes that others can learn from her story. Meredith has since become a good friend and I am pleased that we were able to share her story with the world.

Check out the Meredith LeVande celebrity interview and let us know what you think in the comments!

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  1. Andrew. Ramirez

    Dear Meredith I want to tell you thank you your like a young Mr. Rogers so pure an wholesome I try to watch you every morning and I just luv you. By the way I’m 62 yrs old I guess I’m still enjoying my. Childhood cuz of you. God bless you always

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