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New Study Recommends Teens Start Schoolday Later

Studies show that adolescents who don’t get enough sleep often suffer physical and mental health problems, an increased risk of automobile accidents and a decline in academic performance. But getting enough sleep each night can be hard for teens whose…

babyganics swim pants

Babyganics Color Changing Disposable Swim Pants

While it’s cute to see your little fishie splashing around in the water, a sunburn isn’t an ideal way to end the day at the pool or beach. The Babyganics Color Changing Disposable Swim Pants are an easy visual way…

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5 Money-Saving Shopping Tips

As a parent, you want to feed your child healthy, nutritious meals. But with the skyrocketing cost of food these days, it can be more and more challenging to do. Stephanie Nelson, of Coupon Mom, shares her grocery shopping tips…

college kids not eating enough

Why College Kids Aren’t Eating Enough

When you send your child off to college, you’re probably worried that he’ll sleep in and miss that 7:30 a.m. psych class. But what you might need to be more concerned about is if your child is eating or not….

baby sleeping

New Study Finds Sleep Training Safe for Babies

Even though allowing your little one to cry it out might cause you to have more tears than your baby, you’re actually not causing her any harm. That’s the finding from a new study in Pediatrics, which found that babies…

bully kid

Kid Being a Bully? Lack of Sleep Might Be to Blame

School bullies and children who are disruptive in class are twice as likely to show signs of sleep problems compared with well-behaved children, new research shows. Currently, most efforts to curb bullying have focused on protecting victims as well as…