Food Network Star Sandra Lee’s Tips to Spice up your Super Bowl Sunday Snack Spread

Super Bowl Snack Dip

  • Take your meal to the next level for the big game day
    if you’re tailgating: make a portable burrito healthy by adding
    fresh ingredients like cilantro and diced chicken to tasty Ortega Whole
    Wheat Tortillas and Fat Free Refried Beans
  • Diversify your dishes: Add a little chipotle
    seasoning or jalapeno & onion
    seasoning to chili for a bold,
    tailor-made flavor
  • Tailgate with flair! Top burgers with guacamole dip
    and Monterey Jack
    cheese for a rich and filling meal that will leave
    you wanting more
  • Stir together sour cream and a little taco sauce for a sophisticated
    sauce with a little zing
  • Think outside the jar: Spice up anything from
    shrimp to eggs with fajita seasoning
     – a pinch goes a long way!
  • Add a kick to drinks by seasoning the rim with chipotle
    seasoning – have fun with it; try mixing with beer, lime juice and
    other spices to create a homemade Michelada

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