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Just Jennifer: In Your Room

For most people, the heart of their home is the kitchen. It’s the place that most people gather, eat, share stories, and above all, bond. In my home, it’s my bedroom. Years ago, when we had a small apartment, our…


Is It Safe to Buy Breast Milk Online?

You already order your groceries and pretty much everything else online. So why not human breast milk? If you’re a new mom who wants to give your baby breast milk but can’t, you might consider purchasing some liquid gold online….

Angelo Venuto

Grande Amore – Angelo Venuto

Angelo Venuto’s latest CD, Grande Amore, is a beautiful mix of romantic ballads, dance songs, and surefire nostalgia hits. Filled with classics and original songs alike, Venuto brings his distinct style to each and every song. Of course, Venuto’s club…

spring fashion makeovers

Spring Fashion Makeover Tips for Moms

  If the warmer spring temps have you thinking of cute frilly dresses, take some fashion advice from wardrobe stylist Kami Gray on what to wear—and not to wear—with these spring fashion makeover tips for moms! How can busy moms…


How to Lose the Mask In Your Relationship

It starts out innocently enough. You agree to watch the new horror movie that just came out (although you really want to watch a romantic comedy), and when your sweetie orders a drink for you, it’s the one that he…

reading to your child

The Importance of Reading to Your Children

At the end of the day, when you’re just soooo tired from feeding, cleaning, wiping, playing, dancing with, serving, swaddling, soothing, and just generally taking care of your child, reading to your little one can just feel like one more…

Celebrity Recipe: Bari Koral’s Red Quinoa Salad

Red quinoa and strawberries are a match made in heaven in this savory sweet salad from children’s musician Bari Koral. “This is a light and refreshing salad which, once the quinoa is prepared, takes very little time to make,” says…

how to keep child's hair healthy

How To Keep Your Child’s Hair Healthy

Just like you make sure that your child eats healthy, you need to ensure that your child’s hair stays in great shape. An easy way to sport lovely locks is by eating a well-balanced diet. Cozy Friedman, hair expert and…


5 Reasons Why Married Women Cheat

Sure, it can be annoying when your hubby forgets to take out the garbage or leaves the toilet seat up for the bazillionth time. But what are the real reasons why married women cheat? In a survey of 6,000 women,…


Why Temping Can Be Good For Your Career

Temping can sometimes be viewed as an in-between job, something you grab when you’re trying to land a “real” position. But whether you’re simply looking for a new 9-5 or trying to onramp to an as-of-yet unexplored career choice, temping…