10 Decadent Desserts for the Holidays

Whether you’re the one whipping up the big meal or want to bring a dessert to a friend’s home for the holidays, these tempting treats can make for great desserts or sweet stocking stuffers.

 10 Decadent Desserts for the Holidays

Harvard Sweet Boutique

You don’t need to be a scholar to enjoy the delectable treats from Harvard Sweet Boutique. The gourmet bakery has awesome offerings for the holidays, including Pep-O-Mint Brownies, the Rockiest Road chocolate bark (which includes M&Ms, potato chips, Oreo cookies, pretzels and more!), awesome Ho-Ho Toffee; and an amazing Holiday Cookie Assortment that tastes just like Mom made ‘em (prices vary, harvardsweetboutique.com).


Papa Ben’s Kitchen

We are loving the confections coming out of Papa Ben’s Kitchen. The gourmet and artisanal version of Mandelbroyt (a traditional Jewish/Eastern European cookie) come in flavors like Lemon Blueberry with Poppy Seeds; Dark Chocolate, and Spicy Chipotle with Ginger. The company was founded by a Holocaust survivor and a portion of the profits goes to the Zachor Foundation, which focuses on Holocaust education ($7, papabenskitchen.com).


Robin Chocolates

The Robin Chocolates are gorgeous little works of art in a box. Voted as one of the top ten chocolate makers in the U.S., Robin Chocolates has gotten in the holiday spirit with flavors like Cranberry Vodka Lime; Spiked Eggnog, and Gingerbread Molasses. The chocolates are almost too pretty to eat—almost ($26, robinchocolates.com).


Signature Chocolate Turtles from Phillips Candy

Phillips Candy House has a decadent Signature Chocolate Turtle package that won’t take you a long time to eat. Made by hand one at a time, the company uses an 89-year-old secret family caramel recipe. Combined with hand-roasted premium nuts and topped with divine milk, dark, or white chocolate, the Signature Chocolate Turtles are a holiday must-have ($16.50, phillipschocolate.com).


Nonni’s Gingerbread Biscotti

Biscotti just got a whole lot yummier with the new Nonni Gingerbread Biscotti. This limited edition flavor cookie has the super seasonal flavors of gingerbread and spices and is dipped in a white icing. And at only 110 calories per biscotti, that’s really Italian ($3.29, retailers nationwide).


Peanut Hottie

Move over, hot chocolate. Peanut butter lovers can finally down a drink that tastes like their favorite nutty butter. The Peanut Hottie is an instant peanut butter drink that is served hot. And if your mind is still reeling from that, take note: there’s also a Peanut Butter & Chocolate flavor, too ($5, peanuthottie.com).


Doc Popcorn

If you’re feeling a little salty after the big holiday meal, pop out the Doc Popcorn. You can opt for savory flavors like Cheesy Cheddar, Triple White Cheddar, or Hoppin’ Jalapeno. Or get in touch with your sweet side with the Caramel Bliss, Klassic Kettle, or Sinfully Cinnamon flavors (prices vary, docpopcorn.com).


Sugar Bowl Bakery

Watching your waistline but still want to hit the dessert table? Sugar Bowl Bakery has you covered. Their seasonal Pumpkin Bites and Peppermint Brownie Bites are sooo yummy, and at 140 calories each, let you partake in the holidays without packing on the pounds (retailers nationwide).


Mason Jar Cookie Company

Sure, you’re swamped cooking up Christmas dinner, but you still want to whip up a fast dessert, too. The Mason Jar Cookie Company is a line of ready-to-bake cookie mixes that taste like homemade. The ingredients come prettily prepped (and layered) in the mason jar, starting with the mix on the bottom and sprinkles or chocolate chips on top. You can make the Celebrate! Festive Cookie Mix in a Mason Jar for a delish kid-friendly dessert, or Buttermilk Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix for Christmas morning ($9-$18, masonjarcookiecompany.com).


JK Chocolate Microchip Cookies

If you want just a bite of something sweet, take a microbite out of the Microchip Cookies from JK Chocolate. The tiny tasty cookies come in nine flavors—chocolate chip; peanut butter with salt; cheddar cheese with Texas heat, white chocolate chip crunch, among others. There are even six savory chocolate sauces to choose from too, such as Ahhh Raspberry, Espresso, and Triple Peppermint. The best things do come in small packages ($14, jkchocolate.com).



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