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Catching Up With…CSI: Miami’s Emily Procter

Actress Emily Procter is a busy woman indeed. In addition to heading into the latest season on CBS’ highly rated show CSI: Miami, she is also the new face for Palmer’s Cocoa Butter stretch mark formula products. Due in December,…

David Weinstone Cover

Celebrity Parents Magazine: David Weinstone Issue

Back in 1997, David Weinstone, a punk rocker from New York City, took his 2-year-old son to a music class. Not liking the bland offerings, David decided to start teaching classes for kids that featured his own music. Dubbed Music…

Nick Omana

Catching Up With…Nick Omana

Nick Omana is the man of a thousand voices. A voiceover actor for the last 25 years, Nick has done voice work ranging from the Smurfs to being the live announcer for NBC’s Last Comic Standing. We spoke to Nick…

Celebrity Parents Magazine Advertorials

    One of the hottest (and most budget-friendly!) options for advertising is Celebrity Parents Magazine’s Advertorials. Today’s consumer is very sophisticated. They can tell the difference between an honest review, or someone who has just rewritten a press release….

Beautiful and Rhonda Lawson

Author’s Corner: Sgt. First Class Rhonda M. Lawson

Sergeant. Author. Journalist. Mom. These are just some of the roles that Army Sgt. First Class Rhonda M. Lawson plays on a daily basis. We spoke with the author about her most current book, Putting It Back Together (Urban Soul),…


On The Cover: Meredith LeVande

On the surface, Meredith LeVande is a gregarious, fun children’s musician. Once you get to know her, though, you find that Meredith is quite soft-spoken, thoughtful, and a true champion for both women’s and children’s rights. In an exclusive interview…

Putting It Back Together Rhonda Lawson

Book Bag: Putting It Back Together

In Putting It Back Together, author (and Sgt. First Class!) Rhonda M. Lawson continues to follow the life (and loves) of her perfectly imperfect main character, Dr. Alexis White. Alexis returns to her beloved New Orleans to treat children victimized by…

Lisa Beatty

Moms We Love: Lisa Beatty of Jane Nation

Lisa Beatty Creator of Jane Nation: Let’s explain what Jane Nation is. Jane Nation ( is a website where women can go to have their voice heard in the marketplace. It’s a site for women, by women. We employ…

Meredith LeVande Cover

Celebrity Parents Magazine: Meredith LeVande Issue

  Across the country, from New York to Los Angeles, and as far away as Alaska and American Samoa, families are watching Monkey Monkey Music videos on their local public television stations and asking, “Who’s that girl?” She’s Meredith LeVande,…


Author’s Corner: Debbie Mandel

We’ve all heard of various sorts of addictions, but an addiction to stress? Yes, you can be addicted to stress, and frankly, most of us are without even realizing it. Debbie Mandel, M.A is a stress-management specialist and author of…