3 Productivity Apps from Nokia



Between work and kids, there aren’t a lot of hours in the day to get extra things done. These apps from Nokia can help you stay productive–and on track.

We all know the drill: You’re on a business trip, and packing away another receipt in your fat wallet. Look no further than Budget Buddy (free), an easy way to track expenses (you can even use it to stay on budget at home!). Instead of cramming that receipt from dinner with a client in your purse, snap a photo with your phone and the immediate tracking shows how much you’ve spent (and if you’re on a budget, how much is still available). And if you’re interested in exactly where the money is going, Budget Buddy Free even has charts and graphs that analyze spending patterns.

Need a personal assistant, but can’t convince your boss to hire one? Us too. With My Conference Calls ($0.99), your own personal assistant (er, application) will make and schedule your calls for you. No more long dial-in numbers or security codes – automatically connect through this application with the touch of your finger.

Never miss a flight again with Business Trip ($1.99). The name says it all – this application helps you manage your next big trip, including tracking and scheduling reminders of upcoming flights, keeps a record of hotel stays, manages car rentals and makes sure nothing falls through the cracks.

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