3 Thanksgiving Holiday Shortcuts


Thanksgiving is synonymous with hours of recipes and roasting, slow cooking and savory eats. But while cooking up a Thanksgiving feast can be fun, it can become stressful if you have to work late or have an overflowing plate—literally. If you want to create a quality meal (but don’t have all day to do it), these tips can help you save your sanity–and some time, too!

If all you have is 45 minutes:

Order heat-and-serve sides from a deli or your local neighborhood restaurant. Think mashed potatoes and yams and stuffing. Peeling, dicing, slicing, baking, and sauteeing is simply not on the menu for you today.

If all you have is 60 minutes:

Nothing beats the look (and the smell!) of a homemade pie. But store-bought desserts can even be better! Display sweet treats on festive plates topped with fancy swirls of whipped cream and no one will notice that it’s not fresh out of your oven…or care.

If all you have is 90 minutes:

Buy a pre-cooked bird. Order it in advance, and you won’t have to clean, season, stuff, bake and clean up after. Just heat and serve. Now that’s something to be truly thankful for!

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