3 Tips to Cope with Anxiety and Depression During Pregnancy

depression during pregnancy

Pregnancy can provoke a plethora of emotions. But your emotional roller coaster might not all be hormone-based. A recent study found that first-time moms who had a happy childhood and a good relationship with their parents were more likely to feel more optimistic about their pregnancy and future baby. Even women who had suffered some difficulties during childhood (but then later resolved their issues) also reported feeling enthusiastic about motherhood.

On the other hand, respondents who carried emotional baggage from childhood were more prone to suffer from poor self-image and overall anxiety about becoming a mother. Some even had negative feelings about their baby. When asked, many believed that they would be stricter with their child in the future and potentially suffer from separation anxiety. Still, many were hopeful about the future with their babies.

If you find that you’re experiencing anxiety or depression during pregnancy, try out these tips to enjoy the journey to motherhood:

Talk to someone.

Feelings of uncertainty are common in any pregnancy. But if you feel that your negative feelings are building a barrier between you and your baby, it might be time to talk to someone. Going over your childhood can put things in perspective and allow you to see that your past doesn’t determine your future as a new mother.

Expand your circle.

Getting involved in some Mommy and Me classes with other fellow first-time moms can also help lighten your mood and create a new circle of friends to confide in.

Take a class.

If you’re feeling uncertain about how you’ll handle things once the baby comes, why not get schooled now? Sign up for some newborn classes which can help prepare you for things such as diapering, or a potentially colicky baby. Having some education behind you can help you feel more confident about your pregnancy, your baby—and most importantly, yourself.

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