4 Facts for National Siblings Day

national siblings day

Whether you love or loathe your little brother, one thing’s for sure—There’s nothing like family. And on National Siblings Day, take the time to read up on how other siblings love, fight, and play together, thanks to the NationalToday.com Siblings Day Survey:

Siblings fight. A lot.

According to the survey, almost everyone (92%, to be precise) of people have fought with their siblings. An honest 8% report having physically duked it out with their sibs. While only 3% of males still hold a grudge over a childhood fight, females are half as forgiving: 6% still feel a bit bitter.

Many consider their siblings as their besties.

1 in 10 respondents to the survey claim that their siblings are their best friends. In fact, 8% of Americans talk to their siblings every day, while another 8% say their siblings know them better than anyone else. Only 3% owned up to hating their sister or brother.

Your siblings can make your life better.

Siblings improve the lives of 85% of Americans. That’s why, given the choice, only 15% of Americans would opt to be an only child. 36% would choose to be an older sibling, while 1 in 3 would enjoy being the youngest.

Some siblings are still acting, like, well, siblings.

A reported 5% of people claim that shared (or still share!) the same clothes with their siblings. Another 5% state that they are part of the same circle of friends. Finally, you can thank a sibling for that embarrassing Facebook photo, since 5% of siblings like to stick it to each other on social media.

Photo credit: Unsplash/Annie Spratt

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