5 Money-Saving Shopping Tips

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As a parent, you want to feed your child healthy, nutritious meals. But with the skyrocketing cost of food these days, it can be more and more challenging to do. Stephanie Nelson, of Coupon Mom, shares her grocery shopping tips that can allow you to create customized shopping approaches that save time, allow your family to have tasty and healthy meals—all while cutting your grocery bill in half.

Know your prices.

Become familiar with the price range of the items you buy most regularly, and then you will know when an item is discounted. Over time you learn when you see a deal, and how to plan purchases for sale items and using coupons!

Know your store savings programs.

It’s up to you to educate yourself about stores’ savings programs and policies. Go to CouponMom.com to find the weekly deals at a number of national and regional stores, and learn how you can use them to your best advantage.

Know your coupons.

Coupons are really free money, use them wisely and they’re essentially legal currency. You can combine coupons with special deals and offers in your store each week to save some serious money.

Stock up on savings.

An item you buy each week goes on sale. The store adds to the discounting possibilities by running a promotion, possibly greater savings if you buy three or more, and then adding coupons. To the strategic shopper, it’s time to celebrate! Celebrate by stocking up when off-price opportunities combine for ultimate savings. When prices return to normal, just “shop” from your freezer.

Plan to save.

The most important element to cutting your grocery spending is planning ahead. An organized shopping list, combined with careful meal planning, and strategic shopping for deals and coupons can cut your grocery bill in half every week!

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