5 Reasons Why Married Women Cheat

Sure, it can be annoying when your hubby forgets to take out the garbage or leaves the toilet seat up for the bazillionth time. But what are the real reasons why married women cheat? In a survey of 6,000 women, 73% revealed that one of the main reasons they are unfaithful is because of their partner’s irritating qualities. And more than half of the individuals polled would want someone whose primary quality is the polar opposite of the character flaw they find so annoying in their partner.

What women find most exasperating, according to the study, is a serious lack of humor. In fact, 19% of women claimed that a partner who wasn’t funny was also unfulfilling. Lack of understanding came in second (16%), and not being good in bed came in a close third (14%). Lack of good manners (11%) and being lazy (10%) rounded out the top 5 reasons why married women cheat.

In the last two positions on the list, being a mama’s boy (5%), and being cheap (4%) are reasons enough for married women to stray.

Top 10 Most Irritating Things About Men Which Give Women Reasons to Cheat:

1. Lack of sense of humor 19%
2. Lack of understanding 16%
3. Not being good in bed 14%
4. Lack of good manners 11%
5. Being lazy and lack of plans 10%
6. Doesn’t care about his appearance and/or  has poor hygiene 9%
7. Not being successful 7%
8. Being a disaster; not putting attention to details, obligations etc 5%
9. Mama’s boy 5%
10. Being cheap 4%

Victoria Milan’s CEO, Sigurd Vedal, offered his own insight on the study results:

“Many couples, over time, find there are certain irritating factors about their partners that can cause stress and tension in their relationship. According to our study, many cheating women apparently feel that having a partner who is too serious and lacks a sense of humor is the most important reason to engage in an affair. It seems only natural that most of these women also look for lovers who engage in opposing behaviors, so that they won’t have to deal with these irritants when away from home.”

Photo Credit: Mahkeo on Unsplash

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