5 Thanksgiving Foods That Can Hurt Your Dog

It’s Thanksgiving, and you’re cooking up a storm. The smell of turkey, sweet potatoes, and stuffing might be delicious to you…and to your pet, who’s conveniently lingering in the kitchen hoping to get a sample of the savory treats. But before you break off a piece of pie to give to your four-legged friend, you should know that some Thanksgiving foods can be dangerous (and even deadly) to your pet.

The infographic from OperationKindness.org outlines five Thanksgiving foods that can hurt your dog. Read on to see which foods are safe for your fur baby to eat—and which ones he should stay away from.


Although you might be hard-pressed to find a pooch that likes raw onions, even cooked ones contain sulfides, which can be toxic.

Turkey Skin

The turkey might not be ready yet, but that crispy skin might prove to be too tempting for your pooch. Thing is, turkey skin (and frankly, any skin in general) has a high fat content and can be hard to digest. Ultimately, high-fat foods can lead to pancreatitis.


What dog doesn’t love peanut butter? But certain nuts, such as walnuts or macadamia nuts, can actually be deadly for dogs. So be sure to avoid giving your dog some stuffing if it’s made with walnuts, and skip the chocolate chip macadamia cookies.

Cooked Bones

On Thanksgiving, or any other day of the year for that matter, you should never serve cooked bones to your pet. Not only can they splinter in a dog’s digestive system, but they can also pose a serious choking hazard.

Dough & Batter

You might want to give your pet a lick of that lovely lemon cake you’re making, but raw dough and batter can rise in your pet’s tummy, which can cause bloating and severe discomfort.


thanksgiving foods that can hurt your dog

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