5 Tips for Capturing the Perfect Holiday Photo

perfect holiday photo

For many families, the holidays are the only time everyone is in the same place, making it a prime time to take a great holiday photo.

Whether looking to take candid photos or a more formal picture, portrait artist and Canon Explorer of Light Michele Celentano has rounded up her five best tips on how to take the perfect photo this holiday season. These tips are relevant to those who plan to take their own photos, as well as families going the professional route with things to think about before the photo shoot.

Invest in the right camera.

If you plan to take your own photos this holiday season, make sure you have a camera that will take professional-looking photos. I recommend the Canon EOS M3 or any camera with Wi-Fi and NFC for easy sharing and uploading. The Portrait Mode on the Canon EOS M3 throws the background nicely out of focus, making your subjects stand out and the built-in Creative Assist feature makes it simple to change camera settings and allows you to see the changes you made in real-time.

Coordinate clothing with family.

Winter themed clothing in shades of blue is a festive option for the holiday season. For a more casual look, jeans and solid tops in black or white always photograph nicely. Try to avoid bright bold patterns or logos on clothing.  For a more creative approach, a Christmas morning-like photo with kids in pajamas is always a great idea.

Create a slimming effect.

Good posture is a key element to looking slim in a photo.  Always remember to pull up from the center of the spine and lean into the group, create space between the elbows and lean into the camera for a slimming effect. For instantly slimming the body,  V-necks shirts create a long neck line and long sleeve shirts are very flattering and a great way to hide arms most women don’t like.

Keep jewelry traditional.

Since photos are forever, stick with more traditional jewelry rather than going the trendy route. Less is always more.

Do not overprep children.

Pre-selecting children’s clothes is about all the prep that should be done ahead of a photo shoot. Rather than making kids practice their smiles or poses, talk to them about what they are interested in to get them to laugh naturally.  Make sure to have small toys young children can hold in their hands and keep some snacks on hand.

Photo credit: Toni Cuenca/Unsplash

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