5 Tips for Hosting a Daddy Baby Shower

baby shower

Between the belly and the balloons, the daddy-to-be is often a baby shower afterthought. Robert Nickell, father of six and founder of DaddyScrubs, a cute clothing company for dads—offers some tips on how to get the (daddy) party started.

Rename the party.

Call it a baby shower and you might get a cringe-worthy reaction. Instead, come up with a fun name like “Man Shower” or “Cigar and Diaper Night.” Make it cool (and manly), and the male guests will eagerly RSVP.

Create a theme.

Move over, ducks and teddy bears. Hold the party at home, or even at a local venue, like your neighborhood sports bar. Keep the man theme going by requiring everyone to bring a case of diapers and in return they’ll receive a gift certificate to their favorite home improvement store.

Make it fun.

Men don’t want to craft baby presents out of ribbon, or guess when the mommy-to-be will deliver. Instead, play gross guy games like having a bottle-drinking contest where the milk is actually beer, or a “What baby food this is?” contest. Or have guests guess how long it will take the new dad to assemble the crib, baby swing or bouncy seat on the spot—harassment, heckling (and a lot of laughs) are all part of the party fun.

Photo credit: Brook Lark/Unsplash

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