7-Eleven Fresh Foods Line for Busy Parents

7-eleven fresh foods

Now, when you visit 7-Eleven, you can get taquitos, Slurpee’s…and fresh food! “While kids don’t necessarily gravitate to the healthiest options for school lunches, 7-Eleven’s better-for-you options allow kids to get their hands on something healthy and tasty while making lunchtime quick and easy for parents,” says the execs at 7-Eleven. Read on to find out more about 7-Eleven’s fresh food line, which is perfect for busy parents!

  1. How has the Fresh Foods line evolved since last year?

7-Eleven is constantly developing the new products that will be available at our stores throughout the year. Our innovation process takes both consumer feedback and industry trends into consideration when developing new products. We also have the ability to produce specialty regional items such as the Pan de Bono in South Florida and bagels & butter rolls in NY, to suit regional tastes.

  1. What can busy working parents expect to find when they visit 7-Eleven stores?

7-Eleven has an expansive offering of fresh foods to fit guests’ needs. From full meals to small snacks, we have something for every family member at all hours. From fresh cut fruit and veggie snacks, to string cheese and boiled eggs, to salads and sandwiches, 7-Eleven offers easy mealtime options for your family.

  1. What are the top sellers?

Our number one fresh food seller year after year is always our bananas with more than 71 million bananas sold each year. Our turkey sandwiches are also a very popular with our guests.

  1. What is the average price point for some of the food items?

7-Eleven prides itself on providing affordable, fresh options in a convenient setting — from our fresh fruit (2 for $1 bananas) to our daily delivered sandwiches (under $5), we have the variety at the right price to meet our guests needs.


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