Avon Superstar Venita Walker

Avon is known for beautiful cosmetics used by beautiful women all over the world. But the makeup giant’s name is also synonymous with success stories from their sales representatives. Celebrity Parents Magazine is celebrating these women in a series of exclusive interviews. We hope that you are inspired by their stories as much as we are.

Venita Walker

What types of jobs had you held prior to working
with Avon?

I had always worked with law firms. In fact, I’ve been the supervisor for three firms. There was no typical day; it was pretty intense supervising legal assistants, working with attorneys on getting complaints filed. It was not very fulfilling.

How did you get involved with Avon?

I was definitely an Avon fan since I was very little. I remember my Grandma Walker selling it and she would give us lip balms and little perfumes. Avon brings back nice memories for me. I personally became involved at the end of 2010. I started looking at Avon after the Mary Kay ladies were after me! [laughs] I was broke, and they wanted me to invest money to start working with them. I researched it and looked at similar companies and was hesitant to join. I reached out to someone working at Avon and asked how much I would have to invest and she said, “Ten dollars.” It made much better sense for me to work for Avon.

What was your experience like working with Avon in the beginning?

I hit the ground running and went for it! My family members all love it, and luckily they didn’t have their own Avon lady.
So they were my first customers, and everyone at my office. I honestly hit a gold mine. It was easy starting out, and then one person approached me to sell Avon. I started recruiting and then before I knew it I had four people under me.

Now a year and a half later, what is life like working with Avon?

I love it, as busy as I am. I always make time for Avon and make sure that I have everything organized properly so I won’t get
overwhelmed. I do most of the product drop-offs after work, then pick up my son and make phone calls. I dedicate 3-4 hours daily to Avon. On the weekends, my three year-old son and I work on the business together! He has a jeep that he drives, so we put the catalogs in the Avon bag and he drives it around the neighborhood with me and we play mailman together, putting the catalogs in the mailboxes. He loves doing it with me.

How do you lead your team?

I love inspiring other people and at the end, I want people who want to make money, not someone who is just buying the products
for themselves. I focus my energy and time on building people who are asexcited about Avon as I am. I check in with them often and always want them to recruit as well. I concentrate on those who want to assume leadership roles and help them to start their businesses, whether it’s advice on setting appointments or showing them how to lead.

On a personal note, how have you seen your life change?

I’ve certainly changed as far as the people I keep around me. Avon is also a self-improvement program. You learn a lot about
yourself, you learn more about the people around you and what you look for in good friendships. You want to be around those who inspire you. And it’s true what they say—you do realize quickly who your friends are and aren’t. And working for Avon helped me to purchase my home.

How has working with the brand empowered you as
a woman?

It’s definitely empowered me as a mother. My son sees how hard I am working, and he works hard too. He likes working hard around the house, and he wants to do more for me. It’s rewarding. When he sees the UPS truck he calls the deliver guy the Avon Man. [laughs] I have an office in my home and he likes to keep it clean. He’ll help me with the bags and label the books. He’s learning the importance of good hard work and the benefits that come with it.

Between your career and your child, how do you find your own personal work/life balance?

You have to maintain your sanity. I have been trying out meditation, and I take that time out, even if it’s in the car for 20
minutes. I have to do that daily because it helps me so much—it brings me back to a solid place to think of what’s going on around me. I have to stay organized, and I set weekly goals for myself. I found out quickly that when you write something down you hold yourself accountable.

What are your plans for the future with Avon?

My plan is to eventually do Avon full time. I’d also like to do something that will empower women. Avon really got me on the right
path where I wanted to go with my life. I am not with my son’s father, and that has been difficult. But I made a plan, saved money, paid off debt, bought my house and that was all because of planning and believing in myself. I owe a great deal to Avon. I feel like I owe them so much for so much that they have given me. So instead, I have no choice but to do my absolute best and get to
the top level with Avon.

What advice would you give to other women who
are considering a career in Avon?

You have to work hard for it; success won’t come overnight. But eventually it will. You can still work a full time job and do
your business. I guess it depends what you want out of life. I wanted a better life for myself and now more than ever I want to show my son that there are great rewards when you work hard. And Avon has given me that opportunity and I’m incredibly grateful.


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