Bandwagon — Joanie Leeds And The Nightlights

joanie leeds and the nightlights bandwagon

We love kids’ music that doesn’t sound like kids’ music. Such is Joanie Leeds And The Nightlights CD, Bandwagon. “I Love New York” is a love song to the city that never sleeps. “Use Your Words” is a slowly, slightly sultry song that teaches kids what to do if something calls you a name or pushes you down. “Little Cloud” is a sweet song about feeling sad and turning your frown upside down. “Are We There Yet?” is a fun rock song about a little backseat passenger who can’t wait until the family gets to their destination. The title song, “Bandwagon” is a cool country ditty, and kids will be able to relate to not wanting to go to bed in the “Bed” song, which has a jazzy vibe. One of our faves is “Nightlights” where Joanie sings about being yourself so the nightlights will shine on you. Bandwagon is a fun CD that has a little something musically for everyone ($16,

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