Behind The Scenes with Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams Jennifer Parris

I’ll admit it. I love Lisa Williams. There, I said it. I do. I think she is brilliant, funny, beautiful, and simply amazing. That’s why when she agreed to do the January cover for Celebrity Parents Magazine, my first reaction was this: I gasped, I laughed with joy, and then I started to cry out of happiness.

Lisa has this effect on people. During the course of any one of the episodes of Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead, you laugh, you gasp, you cry. Her talents as a medium/clairvoyant are astounding. So I was sooo happy when I got the chance to interview Lisa for a second time for Celebrity Parents Magazine. The shoot, like Lisa herself, was fun, bubbly and exciting.

The hotel we shot at? Um, not so much fun, as they sadly were not in the Christmas spirit and gave us a really hard time, even though I cleared the shoot with them the week prior. But whatev. It was all worth it to shoot Lisa.

Joy. Sheer Joy.



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