Behind the Scenes with Ruth Soukup

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For the most part, scheduling celebrity cover shoots is fairly straightforward. A public relations person, manager, or assistant will reach out to Celebrity Parents Magazine with a pitch regarding their client, and then it’s just a matter of scheduling the interview—from location, to time, to securing hair/makeup. After the shoot is done, photos are edited, stories are written and published, and then it’s on to the next cover celeb.

But in the case of the Ruth Soukup cover shoot, it wasn’t as easy. In fact, it might have been one of the most challenging cover stories to bring to our readers. Here’s why:

1- It took us over 3 hours to get to the NYC hotel Ruth was staying at. Which, um, made us over two hours late to get to her. By the time we reached the hotel, Ruth and her friend were having an early dinner. Thankfully, we were still able to eek out the interview, despite the super late start.

2- When I sat down to write the interview, I was at my desk no more than 30 seconds when I heard my older daughter sobbing. I almost fell down the stairs to get to her, where she told me that one of her closest friends from school had just committed suicide. Putting work aside, I consoled her and talked with her (as well as with some of the other frantic moms and kids who knew this boy).

We watched a Snapchat video that the boy’s cousin had filmed in his room, asking why he had done this. It was all so utterly sad…that is, until the boy who had allegedly committed suicide surfaced hours later and said that his cousin had hacked into his phone and made a fake video. Several hysterical teenagers (and parents), and one pounding headache later, the day was done.

(Oh, and did I mention this happened on Mother’s Day?)

3- With the drama of the previous day behind us, I was eager to get the story completed and uploaded. Server issues shot that down, and we went a couple of days with the magazine at a standstill until my hosting company could figure out the fix.

4- Yay, server issues were fixed! I was five minutes (literally, 5 minutes!!!) away from being done, when a massive tornado (yes, you read that right, a TORNADO!) hit my sweet little town. We lost power for a week, and I was able to bring this story to our readers by finding the only Starbucks with power (and WiFi), and publishing it.

What’s the point in telling you this story? It’s to show that not everything in the celebrity world (or life) goes exactly as planned, life happens in strange ways sometimes, and it’s good to not take everything so seriously. No one could have predicted insane traffic, a stupid social media stunt gone bad, server issues, and a tornado happening one right after the other.

But as each event happened, it just put everything a little more in perspective. Life will throw you some crazy curve balls sometimes, but it’s never how hard you get hit that’s important. It’s how humbly, bravely, and respectfully you rise again.


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