Behind the Scenes with Steve Wilkos

Jennifer Parris Steve Wilkos

Celebrity Parents recently visited the set of The Steve Wilkos Show for this issue’s cover story. Steve Wilkos is a super nice guy.  A very tall, nice guy, as can be witnessed by how I barely reached his shoulder. 😉

Steve and his wife Rachelle (who E.P.’s the show) are down-to-earth, friendly, and totally dig each other. In their exclusive interview, they spoke about working together (and loving it!), their family and the tough issues they tackle on the show. On the day that we were there, they were taping a show that dealt with teen issues. From the screams of the teen girls upon seeing Steve, we predict that Steve will continue to have much success in the years to come on his show.

Someone else who is quite successful in a different way is Mary Jo Buttafuoco. Mary Jo recently penned her first book, Getting It Through My Thick Skull, which talks about her life with Joey Buttafuoco, and what happened to her after that fateful day when she was shot in the head by Amy Fisher. Mary Jo’s book is not salacious; rather, it is honest, funny and speaks directly to the heart. Now living in California with her fiance, Mary Jo has turned tragedy into triumph. We applaud her.

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  1. donna

    GO GO Steve your show is just about the best true to life I’ve ever seen I bet jerry was sad to lose you but I bet he’s happy to see how far you have gone.Go Go steve I love your show Hard Love keep it coming XXXXXX

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