Behind the Scenes with The Turtleman and Neal James from Call of the Wildman

Call of the Wildman Jennifer Parris 1
So…let me explain this photo.

We took this shot at the very end of the very magical Call of the Wildman cover shoot for Celebrity Parents. I innocently stood next to Ernie Brown, Jr. (aka The Turtleman) to get in the frame, and, well, the above happened.

Thank goodness my sciatica wasn’t bothering me that day. 😉

We started watching Call of the Wildman last year. I heard my kids laughing in the family room one day and went to see what they were watching. I sat down, and instantly fell in love with Turtleman and his faithful friend, Neal James. Sure, the animal rescues (done by hand, FYI) are spectacular and unbelievable. But even more than that, the friendship between the boys of Kentucky is inspiring. It’s just great, fun, family television.

Call of the Wildman Jennifer Parris 2
So when the opportunity arose to shoot them, (in NYC no less), I JUMPED at the chance. And of course I brought the kiddos with me. Now, these kids have come on tons of photo shoots, so they’re a bit jaded when it comes to meeting celebrities. (That, and we’re also New Yorkers, so they’re naturally cynical.) But when we spotted Turtleman and Neal, they were beside themselves. Frankly, we all were. 🙂

Readers, I’m happy to tell you that Turtleman and Neal are EXACTLY how they appear on Call of the Wildman. They are friendly, kind, extremely down-to-earth and protective/supportive of each other in a totally admirable way. This cover story goes down as one of my all-time faves. I mean, after all, how often do you get to do-si-do, get dipped, and then flipped up in the air…in Central Park?

Now, that’s Live Action!

Until next week,


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