Book Bag: Bye Bye Monster

BYE BYE MONSTER If your little one believes there are scary monsters lurking in his bedroom closet, you should read him Bye Bye Monster ($16.95). Written by Kelly Lucente, Bye Bye Monster is a charming tale of a little boy named Joey who is convinced there are scary monsters in his room. In order to help him overcome his fears, his mom arms him with a special monster spray, which will make any bad monsters disappear.

Bye bye monster spray And one night, a monster does appear! But it’s not a scary monster; it’s a super sweet, pointy-fanged monster named Barley! Barley takes Joey on an adventure to Monster Street. They meet all sorts of cool monsters, have great adventures, and Joey learns that not all monsters are scary.

Bye Bye Monster is an awesome, fun book to read, with adorable illustrations. After reading the book, spray the yummy-smelling Monster Spray ($9.95, sold separately) to get rid of any uncool monsters in your child’s room.

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