Book Review: ScreamFree Marriage: Calming Down, Growing Up and Getting Closer

Every committed couple strives to hold on to the marriage
they envisioned back when they first said, “I do.” That is, before the
honeymoon phase ended, before kids, mortgages, health crises, and all of life’s
inescapable issues arose to complicate matters. The truth is, conflict is
unavoidable—it’s impossible for two people to see every single thing, face
every issue, and experience every situation in exactly the same way. Sadly,
this can result in shout fests, shutting down, shutting out, or avoiding the issue
altogether—none of which leads to a healthy marriage.

In ScreamFree Marriage: Calming Down, Growing Up and Getting
, author Hal Runkel uses a ScreamFree philosophy to disprove prevailing
marital wisdom and teach couples how to embrace inevitable conflict as a
profound vehicle for strengthening a marriage. In fact, he argues, points of
conflict can be the exact experience needed to grow couples into new levels of
maturity, intimacy—and love.

Featuring accessible anecdotes and insightful exercises,
ScreamFree Marriage is a practical, positive and reader-friendly guide to
achieving the kind of love, joy and satisfaction every couple strives for in a
marriage. You’ll learn to keep your cool and foster a closer and more
passionate marriage than ever before ($17,

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