Build It Back Again – Billy Jonas

build it back again billy jonas

Billed as funky folk music for the whole family, Billy Jonas Band’s latest CD, “Build It Back Again,” is just that. The title track is rich with history, meaning, and inspiration. “I Want to Know” is a parent’s plea to find out what happened during their child’s day. Your kids can flex their imagination in the song “Monkeys Driving Cars” and the “Fruit Salad Serenade” is a delicious acapella delight. “It’s Good for You and Good for Me” is the sweetest song on the CD, which on the surface is about pruning an apple tree, but really it’s about parents letting their children grow up, spread their wings, and fly away. The song will surely make you shed a tear—or four.

Even if you think that you’re not into folk music, “Build It Back Again” will beautifully convince you otherwise.

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