Cake Ladies by Jodi Rhoden

jodi rhoden

Almost every town in the South, large or small, has its cake lady. These are the women who show their love for family and friends by bringing sweetness to life’s big moments—birthdays, christenings, weddings—and their communities depend upon them. People all over the world love and celebrate with cake, but Southerners seem to enjoy their cakes with a special fervor.

Cake lady Jodi Rhoden shines a spotlight on this great tradition with profiles of 17 diverse Southern women, part of a multi-generational fellowship, who wear the title with pride. Each profile includes lushly photographed profiles that delve into each woman’s “life in cake,” and shares 21 signature recipes such as Vanilla Almond Pound Cake, Mississippi Mud Cake and Vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes. You also get some kitchen wisdom and unique stories of what it means to serve love and compassion to others through delectable desserts ($19.95,


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