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strawberry shortcake berry tales

Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Tales

The spotlight shines on the importance of being true to yourself in Berry Tales. In “Snowberry and the Seven Berrykins,” Plum Pudding learns to believe in herself as she puts on a small and simple play for a young audience….

veggietales veggies in space

Veggies In Space: The Fennel Frontier

  Boldly going where no Veggie has gone yet, Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato, two of the most recognized home entertainment characters among moms of pre-schoolers, take on the heroic theme of space exploration in their new roles…

cardio striptease

Dance Off the Inches: Cardio Striptease

If exercising already leaves you breathless, then you’ll probably love Dance Off The Inches: Cardio Striptease. As it turns out, striptease dance is a surprisingly empowering and effective way to get in shape. In the workout, you’ll burn off calories,…


Maya The Bee 2

Maya, the little bee with a big heart, is back for another adventure! After a slow harvest season, the very survival of the hive is threatened. Maya, and her sidekick Willy, go to Buzztropolis, where the Empress invites them to…

the tribes of los palos verdes

The Tribes of Los Palos Verdes

When teenage Medina (Maika Monroe) moves with her family to the picture-perfect paradise of Palos Verdes, California, they seem headed for a happy new chapter in their lives. But old troubles soon catch up to them, as her parents’ marriage…

sisters seasons one and two

Sisters: Season One & Two DVD

Sometimes controversial, sometimes whimsical, always compelling, Sisters follows the trials and triumphs of the four Reed sisters— Alex (Swoosie Kurtz), Teddy (Sela Ward), Georgie (Patricia Kalember) and Frankie (Julianne Phillips) —as they contend with the challenges within their very different…

peppa pig the balloon ride dvd

Peppa Pig: The Balloon Ride DVD

Peppa Pig, the hit preschool series from Nick Jr., is taking kids entertainment to new heights with the all-new adventure-packed DVD release, Peppa Pig: The Balloon Ride. The DVD features 12 episodes filled with the wholesome family entertainment and gentle…

caillou helps out

Caillou Helps Out

  Lovable four-year-old Caillou has a boundless imagination that makes every experience an opportunity for fun and play. By sharing in his incredible adventures, children can “make believe” along with Caillou and find new ways to understand and enjoy the…

the seventh dwarf

The Seventh Dwarf

  Venture into the wondrous world of Fantabularasa Castle and be spellbound by the exciting adventures of your favorite storybook characters in THE SEVENTH DWARF. With an exceptional voice cast of Peyton List (Disney Channel series BUNK’D, Jessie and Diary…

Pound Puppies_ShowstoppingPups

Pound Puppies: Showstopping Pups

The Pound Puppies are in the spotlight for this brand-new collection of adventures from Shelter 17! Join Lucky, Niblet, Cookie, Squirt and Strudel as they display their song-and-dance skills, solve a mystery, become superheroes and encourage a faded TV star…