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Ruth Soukup

Celebrity Interview: Ruth Soukup

Ruth Soukup is a true American success story. Once her husband put her and their family on a budget, the mom-of-two got serious about dollars and cents, and is now a 7-figure millionaire. Today, she’s teaching others how to reach…

create a budget you can stick to

How to Create a Budget You Can Stick To

Spending and splurging is fun, but when your credit card bills roll in? Not so much. If you want to fix your finances once and for all, Mary Ann Marriott, a financial counselor, can help you create a budget you can…

how much should you really be saving

What Should You Really Be Saving from Your Paycheck

If you swore to make better money management decisions in the new year, you’re not alone. Paying off debt ranks as the number one New Year’s financial resolution for many people. (The biggest lament: not saving enough money from the…