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CELEBRITY pets: Freshpet

You let Fido snuggle with you in your bed. You’ve even given him presents for his birthday. But when it comes to his din-din, you still give him the overly processed, is-this-really-even-edible dog food. That’s why we love Freshpet. It’s…

Pet Place: Pet ZZZ Pad

Warm your pet’s heart this winter by getting him a Pet ZZZ Pad ($29.99). An American Kennel Club & Cat Fanciers Association branded product, the Pet ZZZ Pad will warm your pet’s bed with just a touch of the paw….

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Pet Place: Dr. Ernie Ward

It seems that everyone today is trying to lose these pesky 10-20 pounds. And if you’ve got a pet, chances are your pet might be pudgy, too. Dr. Ernie Ward is a noted veterinarian and the Founder of The Association…