CELEBRITY games: Wii Barbie Jet, Set & Style

BARBIE JET SET AND STYLEBarbie fans will LOVELOVELOVE the new Wii Barbie Jet, Set & Style. As her top fashionista, the player gets to travel the globe from L.A. to London, Moscow and more as you ten to the hair, makeup, nails and fashion of the world’s most glamorous starlets and socialites.

At first, I wondered how much physical activity the Wii Barbie Jet, Set & Style would elicit. But I shouldn’t have worried. After my daughter stopped shrieking from happiness with the new game, she was quickly jumping up and down, styling (and chopping!) clients’ hair, using realistic motion as she curled locks, added extensions, straightened and colored. She hunted through cool wardrobes to create fab fashion statements, and applied makeup like a true MUA!

Barbie Jet, Set & Style is a must-have for your little princess’ Christmas list–and it will save her real Barbies from getting their locks lopped off and faces painted with permanent marker ($29.99, toysrus.com).


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