CELEBRITY pets: The Freedom Leash

If you have more than two dogs in your home (and over 40 million Americans do), then you know what a pain in the neck it is to walk them both simultaneously. Like children, dogs cannot walk straight, and will trip each other, twist up their leashes, and subsequently make you trip and fall as you try to be a good dog owner and walk them together so they can enjoy the fresh air—and each other.

The good folks over at Paws Republic must have been tired of tripping, too. That’s why they invented the Freedom Leash, which helps you walk two dogs together. From one handle, the dogs are on separate 10-foot retractable leashes that will not tangle. As they wander around/under/over each other, the retractors spin, completely eliminating leash tangles and tripping hazards.

Now that’s truly a walk in the park ($59.99, thefreedomleash.com).



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