Chicco’s Pocket Snack

chicco pocket snack

Now that your baby has started solids, you thought it would be fun to take her out to a restaurant for a real dining experience. Thing is, you don’t want her wiggling on your lap throughout the entire evening, either. Since you can’t schlep your baby’s high chair from home with you, you’ll need something to sit her in that will allow her (and you) to eat in peace.

Chicco’s Pocket Snack is a portable booster seat that allows your child to sit right at the table with you without having to seat her in a potentially germy restaurant high chair. It folds compactly to make bringing it with you a breeze. The Pocket Snack has an easy-to-clean tray that can be adjusted according to the height and size of your baby, and a three-point harness to ensure that she stays safely seated throughout the meal. It attaches to most dining chairs via two straps, and its rubberized feet prevent accidental slippage.

Now you can eat your pasta (and Baby can eat her blueberry Puffs) in peace. Bon appetite!


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