Does a Rise in Temperature From Teething Mean a Fever?

teething fever

When your 10-month-old spikes a fever, you might assume that teething is to blame. But researchers found that while teething can make babies feel downright miserable, it usually won’t make them sick.

A study in Pediatrics examined the commonly held but controversial belief that teething causes babies and young children to develop a fever and other symptoms of illness. Researchers found that gum irritation, irritability and drooling were the most frequent symptoms of teething in infants and toddlers. While a slight rise in body temperature was another common symptom, it most often was not high enough to be considered a fever.

So if your child has a true fever, (generally considered to be over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit), it’s best to call your pediatrician, as the fever might be a result of a possible illness or infection, and not the emergence of a new (and adorable) baby tooth.

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