Everybody Wants to Be Me or Do Me Review

everybody wants to be me or do me

We’ve long been fans of Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez since their early days of running the hugely popular blog Project Rungay. Their spot-on, yet snarky, brilliant but bitchy observations about celebrity culture earned them legions of fans—and a cool book deal, too. The couple, once known in a Madonna-esque first-name-only status as Tom & Lorenzo, and now as TLo, have written a fab book called Everybody Wants to Be Me or Do Me. The title came as advice that Tom and Lorenzo gave to a fan simply known as “Pear Lady” who wanted to look like the celebs that they wrote about.

Everybody Wants to Be Me or Do Me is less of a gushing love letter to celebrities and more of a laugh out loud wake-up call for those enthralled with the celeb life and wonder why theirs isn’t as amazing. Rather, the book shows you the ins and outs of what celebs had to do (and continue to do) to gain their A-list status, and gives you, the celebrity-smitten reader, a much-needed reality check. To give you an idea, chapter titles include “The Art of the Canoodle,” “The Well-Orchestrated Cheating Scandal,” and our fave, “Acquiring Children” with the subtitle “Props That Cry.” But being TLo, the biting advice comes in the form of fun, bitchy advice from your gay besties, which is exactly the way we like it ($13, amazon.com).


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