Healthy Kids: AlternaVites

Ask most kids to take their vitamin and they’ll grimace and gag while chewing on it. But alternaVites is a cool new alternative to your regular vitamins. These vitamins melt on your tongue – no water needed! Think pixie sticks, but better. Instead of crazy loads of sugar and food dyes, alternaVites has 23 essential vitamins in a delicious crystal powder. They’re also free of sugar, aspartame, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and preservatives.

Available in kid-friendly flavors like strawberry bubblegum and raspberry cotton candy, they can be sprinkled on the tongue and eaten alone, or dusted on top of yogurt, puddings and smoothies.

And for the parents who are feeling a little jelly that their kids have a cool vitamin as they gag on their own huge pills, alternaVites makes an adult version, too. Getting healthy has never tasted so good (


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