Healthy Summer Snacking for Kids with Nature Valley Granola Bites

nature valley granola bites

Summer snacks don’t have to all be sugary ices and ice cream. Nature Valley Peak Edition Granola Bites are healthy snacking that parents can give guilt-free to their kiddos. Available in three flavors (Coconut Chocolate; Peanut Butter Chocolate; and Almond Butter Chocolate), the bites have a creamy dreamy center, chocolate coating, and are covered in whole grain oats. They come in a resealable package, making on-the-go snacking a whole lot easier, especially in the summertime, when you’re at the beach or the pool. They have 3g of protein, 3g of dietary fiber, and are only 160 calories per serving. What we love: unlike traditional granola bites, which can be hard, the Nature Valley Peak Edition Granola Bites are super soft, making snacking deliciously healthy—and addictive.


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