How Birth Order Affects Your Love Life

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If you can’t find a date, don’t worry. It may not be you—it might be when you were born.

Sociologists have debated for decades the impact birth order has on relationships, leadership and income levels. New data involving 7.6 million singles is bringing perspective on how the order among our siblings impacts our ability to find love, earn money and pursue higher education.

This data was compiled and analyzed by a team of PhD researchers with the dating site, PlentyOfFish. They looked for correlations and trends among singles and their birth order, specifically analyzing their relationships, income and education levels.

Among some of the bigger unexpected findings:

*The oldest child tends to have it better in life. They find love faster, earn more money and pursue higher education by a larger percentage.

*Middle children across the board are least likely to find a relationship.

*The youngest child most likely has the least amount of education.

*Single children are less likely to find a relationship than children with siblings. Single children are also less likely to earn a high income.

Readers, what do you think of the study’s findings? Do you think birth order affects relationships? Let us know in the comments below!


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