How to Care for Yourself When You Travel

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When you’re traveling for your job, there are often so many work-related details that are demanding your attention. But it’s also equally important to practice some serious self-care while you’re away from your family, too. Learn how to take care of yourself when you’re traveling for work with these tips.

Knock out the noise.

To avoid being awakened before your alarm clock does its job, try to get a hotel room that are more secluded and therefore, quiet. If you find that your room is near a high-traffic area, though (like the lobby or near an ice machine), you can try using white noise to muffle the mayhem. It can cancel out disruptive sounds, so set the radio in between stations for an imitation of a noise machine. Or put on a TV news station for a slow and steady monotone voice.

Black it out.

If available, using blackout curtains can keep the sun’s rays away while you snooze. A sleep mask can also shield your eyes from early morning sunlight. And to get the best sleep possible, set your room for a toasty yet comfortable 68 to 74 degrees.

Time it right.

Proper sleep is important while you’re traveling, so try to make the most of your time sans kids to score some extra zzz’s. As much as possible, try to stick to your regular bedtime routine so that your internal clock doesn’t get confused. If you’re heading east, keep in mind that you might have trouble falling asleep earlier than your bedtime. And while a red-eye flight might sound enticing because you can get home faster, you might not get the same quality sleep—or enough of it.

Above all, make sure to take care of yourself so when you do open your front door, you’ll be rested—and ready for your little ones—upon your return.

Photo credit: Simon Maage/Unsplash

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