How to Maintain Your Mornings During the Summer


Getting your kids up and at ’em during the school year is not for the faint-hearted. But if you think that your mornings might go more smoothly once your kiddos are out of school for the summer, think again. You’ll still need to keep a routine in order to get dressed and out the door on time each day for work. With summer just around the corner, learn how to retain your regular routine (and save your sanity) with these tips.

Be prepared.

Waiting until the week before school ends to make plans guarantees you a stressful summer. Arrange for kid coverage prior to summer starting—day camp, art classes, even daycations at the Grandparents’ are all viable options—to cover your normal workday. This way, your morning routines will mesh, not clash.

Ask for help.

Tap teenagers who are looking for extra summer pocket money to babysit your kids in the mornings before you head off to work. Score extra you time by getting longer coverage so you can sneak in a morning run before work.

Get them on board.

Help your kids understand that just because they’re off from school doesn’t mean it’s vacay time for you, too. The kids should still wake up at the normal time and perform chores prior to leaving the house. Keeping your pre-summer vacation routine can show your kids responsibility—and can keep them on track for when school starts up again.

Photo Credit: Jake Givens/Unsplash

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