I Want A Dog – Jamie Broza


Jamie Broza’s album, I Want A Dog!, perfectly portrays the everyday trials, tribulations (and joys) of parenthood in a vast musical playland. There’s a lovely duet with Broza and his daughter Carmen on “Waters of March.” There’s also a cool Latin-imbued song called “Guatemala.” We loved the kooky version of the classic “Three Blind Mice.”

 Jamie Broza, who is a four-time Emmy-winning composer and performer, even brings his cousin, Israeli superstar David Broza, along for a collaboration. While each song is a stand-alone hit, it’s the lyrics that are truly delish. The song, “Turn That Phone Off”, is designed to get manic mommy (and daddy) texters to put down their smartphones.

I Want A Dog! is really a window into the Broza household. With stories of birthday parties gone awry, first-day school jitters and little vignettes of Broza speaking with his kids, every family will be able to relate.

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