Is a Well-Chlorinated Pool Healthy?

pool water

As pool season approaches, parents might start to think about getting their kids summer-ready. And one big part of warm weather days is playing in the pool.

For many parents, the strong smell of chlorine might signify that a pool’s water is clean. But is a well-chlorinated pool healthy?  Not always. Chlorine is a disinfectant that kills the vast majority of organisms (i.e. algae) that can cause disease. Chlorine alone won’t necessarily keep pool water clear and clean, though. Too much chlorine can be unhealthy, causing minor skin rashes and irritation of the eyes. In more serious cases, nausea and shortness of breath can occur.

For a pool to truly be clean, the water must have good circulation. Ideally, the water should be filtered through a pool filter, and the chemical balance must be at appropriate levels. Then your little fishies can safely swim in the pool—with proper parental supervision, of course.

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