Kids Holiday Toy Gift Guide 2014

It’s the most wonderful time of year—for kids’ toys! Here are our top picks for the presents and cool stocking stuffers your kids will want this holiday season.

Kids Holiday Gift Guide 2014

By Jennifer Parris

Lamaze Push Along Pup

Lamaze Push Along Pup

Your baby will fall in puppy love with the super cute Lamaze Push Along Pup. The toy can help enhance hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills and Pup’s bone and ball are accessories that rattle and squeak. This cute puppy also has brightly colored crinkle ears and multiple premium textures to explore. All the perks of a puppy—sans the responsibility or mess ($27,

audi sport mini quattro

Audi Sport Mini Quattro

Your mini racer can pretend he’s driving through the Swiss Alps—even though it’s actually your dining room—on his cool Audi Sport Mini Quattro ($200,


Rosy (Pink) Pop Clocky

Pop Clocky

Getting your kids up in the morning is never a cute look, but the Pop Clocky can certainly make it more fun. When the alarm goes off, Pop Clocky’s quirky (and adorable!) head pops off. To get the alarm to stop, simply pop the Pop Clocky’s head in place. Your kids will be begging for five more minutes to do it all over again ($25,

burt's bees

Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit

For the tween who wants her toes to look top-notch, the Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit is a sweet idea. It features nourishing products for hands and feet, including a Honey & Grapeseed Hand Cream, a Coconut Foot Cream, a Hand Salve and Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream ($13,

Crayola Car

Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car Collection

The Crayola Virtual Design Pro lets kids create colorful cars IRL (in real life) and lets them come to life online! Kids can use vehicle templates and fun colorful tools to guide them through the process. Kids can choose from ten different vehicle templates, and then scan them into the Design & Drive app to make their car come to life, complete with stunts and challenges on a virtual track ($30,

minecraft for dummies

Minecraft for Dummies

You’ve heard your kids talk about the Creepers. Now they can score some savvy skills with Minecraft for Dummies. The book will teach kids how to play the uber popular three-dimensional game. They’ll learn how to use blocks to build amazing creations and even how to travel across biomes. It’s everything your Minecraft-loving-kid could want—and more ($10,

Holiday mixstix

ChapStick mixstix

Mistletoe is no match for the ChapStick Candy Cane and Vanilla Candy Cane mixstix. The lip balm lets you mix and mingle the flavors of Vanilla Milkshake and Candy Cane for an irresistible—and totally seasonal—holiday treat ($2-$4, retailers nationwide).

disney frozen alphabet game


Spot It! Alphabet Disney Frozen Game

Your child won’t want to “let it go” when she plays the Spot It! Alphabet Disney Frozen Game. Journey with Elsa and Anna, along with an enchanting cast, as they match images and letters. Familiar characters and objects invite kids to learn while devoted fans will be swept into their wintry world ($20,


espari dolls

Espari Dolls

Sure, you might think of books when you think of Barnes & Noble, but the bookseller has some sweet toys, too. We love the Espari dolls, which are an exclusive doll collection available only at Barnes & Noble. Recommended for ages 6+, the dolls are pretty and encourage girls to be themselves. The line features 6 dolls who are as unique (and adorable) as the little girls who own them ($50,

wen kids chaz dean

WEN Kids by Chaz Dean

Now your kids can be salon stylish with the fabulous WEN Kids hair product line. Not only is it chemical-free, gluten-free, and nut-free, the delish-scented line comes in kid-friendly flavors such as strawberry banana, apple, and watermelon. We love the WEN Kids Strawberry Banana Cleansing Conditioner, which thoroughly cleanses while conditioning your kid’s hair. And for your daughter’s tangled tresses are no match for the WEN Kids Watermelon Detangling Spray, which replenishes while it detangles locks, leaving them luscious and perfect for her picture with Santa ($32,

Maxx Traxxx

Maxx Traxxx Glow in the Dark Racing System

Give in to your little one’s need for speed with the fun Max Traxxx Glow in the Dark Racing System. This exciting new racing set includes 20+ feet of glow-in-the-dark track, two Light Up Marble Racers, and a looping apparatus. ($40,

my girls dollhouse

My Girl’s Dollhouse

Your daughter loves her Saige American Girl Doll. But trying to cram her into a traditional dollhouse just isn’t working. The My Girl’s Dollhouse fits the 18 inch doll, giving her the perfect home! Choose from different outside styles (one more sophisticated and the other in pinks and pastels) for a dollhouse fit for a queen—or your American Girl ($299,

sprukits the dark knight rises batman action figure model kit

SpruKits The Dark Knight Rises Batman Action Figure Model Kit

Move over, boring toy car kits. Model kits have come a long way, thanks in part to SpruKits, the super cool action figure model kits. Featuring the most advanced injection molding technology available, the parts actually snap together without glue, paint, or scissors. There are three different skill levels to choose from, and 13 different characters from the DC Comics, Microsoft’s Halo, and TV Tokyo’s LBX to choose from. We are loving the Dark Night Rises Batman figure, which has almost 120 pieces and takes about 1 ½ hours to build. Gotham City will be saved in no time ($20,

big hero 6 deluxe flying baymax

Big Hero 6 Deluxe Flying Baymax

Your little guy can save the day with the Big Hero 6 Deluxe Flying Baymax. The toy features real sounds from the movie, a firing rocket fist, and sports pop-up wings for super cool maneuvers ($30,



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