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Carla Hall knows her way around the kitchen. The co-host of The Chew recently spoke with Celebrity Parents Magazine about her new partnership with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! and Country Crock, getting kids into the kitchen early, and the three things that every person should know how to cook.

Let’s talk about your partnership with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! and Country Crock.

I’ve been working mainly with Country Crock Original, but then these new products rolled out, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Deliciously Simple and Country Crock Simply Delicious, and honestly, both are simply amazing. They have no artificial preservatives and they have ingredients that people can recognize when they read the label on the back.

That’s great because people are wary to buy products with ingredients that they can’t pronounce.

Exactly. And as a parent, you want to make sure that your family is eating healthy.

How are you incorporating them into your own cooking?

I have to eat out a lot, but when I am at home, I eat more light. I eat more vegetables. I use the Country Crock Simply Delicious in casseroles and the topping in my pan for baking. It’s also great for a quick sauté. I am not going to say that I don’t use butter, but I do use both. The one thing that I like about it is that since it has yogurt, it has a nice tang to it. When I was at the Food & Wine Festival, we were showing the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! Deliciously Simple with pancakes and sautéed apples, which is so delicious and so light. It’s even great cold with herbs in it.

That’s a great point. Everything tastes good warm, but the real test is the next day, when the dish is cold, and how it holds up.

That’s right. And I think it’s because the simple ingredients speak to what’s in the product and how it is delicious cold or warm.


So how is everything going at The Chew?

Everything is going amazing. We’re in our third season; the ratings are off the charts. Our new cookbook, The Chew: What’s For Dinner?, came out a while ago and it’s doing well. It already beat the sales for the first cookbook. People come up to me and say, “The fun that you’re all having on the show is infectious and it makes me want to cook.” I think that is how a lot of people get into the kitchen, because of the fun and the socialization that happens there. That’s why some people cook now whereas they didn’t before. When they say that we have made it approachable, that’s exactly why I wanted to do the show.

I think the kitchen is the bonding spot for families.

Absolutely. Bringing your kids into the kitchen early on makes it a part of their lives. And if you use simple, approachable recipes, it makes it all doable.

Since you’re a chef, I think most people would assume that you’re whipping up amazing meals at home.

Yes, people assume that I cook at home, but I cook at the office and I have a husband who cooks at home. We make it work; he is so supportive. My stepson, Noah, doesn’t like to cook, but since my husband and I do, it’s okay. But I have told Noah that he needs to know how to do three major things.

Which are what?

You need to know how to roast a chicken, you need to know how to do a good soup, and how to do a great breakfast. Those three things will help you get through.

That, and Country Crock and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!

[laughs] Of course!

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