Playing With Murder Party Games

playing with murder

The next time you plan a party with friends, invite them over for dinner, drinks…and a dead body. Playing With Murder is a fun way to host a cool soiree that guests won’t soon forget. Simply download a game kit from; choose from games like Murder in Manhattan; Last Stop: Murder; Set Sail for Disaster; and The Terrible Castle of Baron Castaign. There are even seasonal murder party kits like Halloween Haunted Heist and Mardi Gras, Masks, Murder! For those who want to find out whodunit—and fast—there are also 30-minute mysteries, such as Malachai Stout’s Family Reunion; The Thing in the Cellar; and Inquisition of Vampires.

But if you want to introduce to your little ones the allure of a fun mystery game (sans corpses and calamities), there are age-appropriate mystery games for them, too. Have your kids play along to The Toy Chest Trauma, or There Might Be No Christmas (where pint-sized sleuths have to help find Santa’s missing presents!)

Each mystery game comes with a downloadable PDF file that you can print. It includes an introduction to the game, a detailed party guidebook, nametags and character sheets for each player, and step-by-step printing instructions for a mysteriously magical night.

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