Review: Lucky to Be Me – Lorri Hafer

Lorri Hafer

Once your kids are in bed, pour a glass of wine, slip into your sweats, and play Lorri Hafer’s latest CD, Lucky to Be Me. The 12-track CD is pure relaxation at its finest, with each song representing the best in soothing jazz sounds. The title track “Lucky to Be Me”, really showcases Lorri’s superior vocal skills. Fans old and young of The Wizard of Oz will love the jazz-inspired “If I Only Had a Brain” sung with Lorri’s unique spin on the single.

Lorri, who was featured on a Celebrity Parents Magazine cover, grew up in a musical family. (She was one of the original singers on the song “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.”) You can hear her enthusiasm for singing throughout the CD, but particularly on “All My Tomorrows.”

Lucky to Be Me is a wonderful CD, full of melodic jazz songs and big-band sounds that truly make the album timeless. Lorri’s voice lends itself perfectly to this type of musical genre. You can’t tell if the album was recorded in the 1920’s or today. The entire album is so incredibly soothing and sweet. It’s a perfect CD to turn to when you want to relax, or have some sweet dinner music playing in the background as you gather ’round the dinner table with your family.

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