Review: Naptime With Joey – Laura Izumikawa

naptime with joey

Sweet dreams are a guarantee with the adorable new book, Naptime with Joey. Created by mommy blogger Laura Izumikawa, the book profiles her daughter in cute pop culture costumes—all while Joey sleeps. Fans of the Instagram phenomenon will look for their own favorites, such as Britney Spears, Pikachu, Beyonce, even RUN DMC.

Joey doesn’t always dress up as A-listers, though. Sometimes, she’s a pizza chef or an aerobics instructor. But whatever she’s dressed as, it’s always a hit, as witnessed by Izumikawa’s 500,000+ Instagram followers. Fans will flock to this precious book, and remember how Izumikawa always does the “arm test” to ensure that Joey is indeed asleep before dressing her up in another fabulous outfit.

Naptime With Joey offers over one hundred images of Joey, some never before seen. It’s a perfect gift to inspire moms to take creative pics of their kiddos, or simply anyone who loves watching a beautiful baby sleep—dressed as Inigo Montoya, of course.

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