Review: Nerf Water Guns for Summer

Nerf Super Soaker Floodfire

Start your summer off with a blast (of water, that is) with the super fun new water guns from Nerf! The Nerf Super Soaker Floodfire definitely lives up to its name. The water gun not only holds almost half a gallon of water, but it can hit a target (i.e. a smaller sibling) up to 38 feet away! Plus, the Super Soaker Floodfire can connect to a water hose for non-stop soakage! ($24.99,


And if your kid is looking for something a little more spooktacular, the Super Soaker Zombie Strike Splatterblast Water Blaster has a light-up tank for sneaky nighttime attacks! It boasts a super cool zombie design on the barrel, and four streams of water-soaking action that can fend off zombies and other Creepers up to 30 feet away! ($19.99,

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