Review: Nextdoor App

nextdoor app

Admit it: You’re kind of curious about your keep-to-themselves next-door neighbors. And now, an app can help you connect with them—and build a stronger neighborhood, too. The Nextdoor app is a social network that connects neighbors online to create safer communities offline. It’s almost like a safe and private hyperlocal Facebook for your neighborhood. Nextdoor is a great resource for families to find local babysitters, coordinate a car pool, post items for sale or even find local mommy groups and socialization outlets in a safe and secure way.

On Nextdoor, neighbors create private websites for their neighborhoods where they can ask questions, get to know one another, and exchange local advice and recommendations.

Over 30,000 thousand neighborhoods across the country (1 in 5) are using Nextdoor to:

– Organize neighborhood events, such as garage sales and block parties
– Sell or give away items, such as gently used furniture, baby items or toys
– Find trustworthy local resources, such as babysitters and home improvement professionals, etc.
– Get assistance in finding lost pets and missing packages
– Report suspicious activity and local crime

Nextdoor’s mission is to use the power of technology to build stronger and safer neighborhoods.  The creators of Nextdoor believe that when neighbors start talking, good things can happen.

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