Spring Fashion Makeover Tips for Moms


spring fashion makeovers

If the warmer spring temps have you thinking of cute frilly dresses, take some fashion advice from wardrobe stylist Kami Gray on what to wear—and not to wear—with these spring fashion makeover tips for moms!

How can busy moms easily get a new look for spring?

The easiest thing ever is to replace your closed-toe ankle booties that we’ve all been wearing with our skinny and straight jean outfits with a pair of open-toe booties like these from Josef Seibel. I recommend a pair in light or medium brown (as opposed to black) because they’ll look great with fun spring shades of pink, orange, coral, and purple. I mostly ditch the black shoes and boots for Spring and don’t bring them back until Fall.

How important is it for moms to change up their look?

Spring is a time for renewal and hitting the reset button on life. Hibernation is over and it’s time get out of the winter routine and be intentionally more playful with our outfits. Being a mom is hard work and some moms also have jobs outside the home. We need to remind ourselves that we love our life and we can have a little fun. Adding colored tops, getting a new, favorite pair of open-toed shoes, finding a topper that isn’t a blazer or cardigan (like a cargo or denim vest or jacket) are all simple ways to up the happiness and fun factor in Spring dressing. Yes, it’s important!

What are some tips you would suggest that moms do BEFORE they go out shopping?

Go shopping by yourself so you don’t get swept up into someone else’s idea of what you should wear. Go with the intention of finding one item instead of a complete outfit and have a plan for that item. Maybe that item is a peep-toe bootie and you’re looking for a warm brown shade that’s comfortable, less than $150, with a 2-3″ heel. Go to a store that will have plenty of options and ignore every shoe that doesn’t fit that description. Try on every shoe that matches your criteria. If you don’t find a shoe you love that matches your criteria, don’t buy anything. The search isn’t over until you find a pair you love. Then incorporate that one item into your existing wardrobe and see how far you can maximize that one addition. If you used this approach for every item that gets added into the mix, you’d love everything in your closet and you’d actually wear it all.

What are some mistakes that women make when updating their look and how can they avoid it?

Wearing clothes that are too big for them. We women like to hide and cover up. We think we look slimmer and trimmer in loose-fitting clothing. The opposite is actually true. We think when we try on a pair of body-hugging jeans and we can see our curves that it’s a bad thing. It’s a good thing! We’re women, we often have curves! We give up too soon in the dressing room when we see our thighs and backside and end up with a size bigger so we don’t have to look at ourselves. I say give it ten more minutes in the dressing room in those tight jeans. That’s about how long it takes my female clients to get more comfortable with letting the world see their body. Only ten minutes! I have made many happy husbands by encouraging my clients to get their head around their curves.

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